All employees of the Jsilva Group can expect on a relationship based on mutual respect, rigor and constant search for incentive, motivation and professional and personal growth.
The development of our employees is a priority. We set ambitious goals, we believe in overcoming and constant growth. We encourage diversification of knowledge and mobility and growth within the Group.

Meritocracy and Recognition
We promote a culture based on performance evaluation and recognition of merit, which aims to identify individual skills, encourage self-evaluation and recompense with transparency, equality and impartially the performance of each employee.

Based in our organizational values, we are proud to reach and maintain a balanced professional and personal environment where the preservation of cohesion, collaboration and teamwork are valued.

We maintain communication channels open and available to our employees. Being in constant growth and in different geographies, it is as essential to communicate with and to the exterior as to our internal customer. For that, we incentive dialogue between teams and managers and we have communication tools that enable continuous improvement of activity performance and human relations.