The employees of the Jsilva Group are the most important, we believe that they are the ones that drive our growth and help strengthen of our position in the market. We constantly seek to attract and retain the best professionals/talents in the different areas that we operate.
Organizational culture
People with high sense of rigor, moral integrity and professional ethic, honest conduct in all activities performed and proud to belong to Jsilva Group.

Responsibility and Commitment
People who have a correct behaviour towards society, who are responsible for each task they develop and who commit to.

Desire to learn
Proactive and dynamic people who have a constant desire to progress, and to learn in the most diverse areas. Humble people who can understand that a work never runs out, it is constantly changing and that we must evolve with it.
People who can resist adversity and who, beyond resisting, surpass them and create value with them.
Self-determined and self-motivated people focused on overcoming.

Interpersonal relationship
People of people! People who place the collective good above the individual welfare, collaborators and that contribute to maintaining the balance of the healthy working environment.